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Hello everybody,

If you’re wondering what your folk guitar-player/singer is doing lately, here are a couple of hints:

In september I”ll release a new acoustic album on Homerecords. This time it’s a dialogue with the amazing folkguitarplayer/singer Paul Russel from Colorado, USA. We’ve isolated ourselves in a cabin in the woods where we wrote a bunch of songs based on our mutual passion for ragtime, country blues and neo-folk. It’s sounds like what I’ve been dreaming of…

Meanwhile, finished touring with the great band, a special evening around Tom Waits. In autumn we”ll do a new tour with Sarah Bettens, Jan De Smedt, … and we”ll kick that off this summer at Dranouter Festival actually

Still performing a lot with Aurélie Dorzée, as a duo, mostly completely acoustic, the way we like it most … We are currently working on a new album which we”ll record this winter !

Also check out the reunion of The Boma Family, a funny trio with Wouter Vandenabeele , Gabor Vörös and me, we’re touring the UK this summer

In october I”ll be playing the music for the theatreplay “de zaak van de dieren tegen de mensen” at Het Paleis

Every tuesday evening I’m teaching folkguitar and folksinging in the muziekacademie , Gent. For those interested, have look on This summer I”ll also be teaching DADGAD guitar at in Neufchateau and folksinging in Gooik,

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